Scrambled Eggs on Toast
Perfect fluffy scrambled eggs

I like scrambled eggs. But I don’t like having to wash up the pan or putting it in the dishwasher with loads of egg on it and making everything eggy stinky!

It’s not so much effort if I’m making loads for a group and then the it’s worthwhile, but usually it’s just for breakfast for me.

I had some success making them in the microwave in a bowl but it never seemed to work how I wanted, the I discovered my secret weapon. A mug.

And then scrambled eggs becomes something you can make in less than five minutes with almost zero washing up.

Serves One

One or two eggs depending how hungry you are
A splash of milk (one or two teaspoons full)
Butter (optional)
A mug (a slightly tapered one works best)
Salt and pepper

Crack the egg(s) into your mug and add a splash of milk.
Whisk with a fork until reasonably smooth.
Chuck a few small chunks of butter in if you want it extra lux.

Place the mug in the microwave and set the timer for one minute.
Run for 15 seconds and then whisk.
Run for 10 seconds and whisk again. Repeat the ten second routine until you run down to zero or the consistency of your eggs is to your liking.
You might need to run the microwave for slightly longer if your eggs are very cold or you’ve used two eggs.

Serve your scrambled eggs sprinkled with a little salt and lots of pepper on toast or a croissant or whatever takes your fancy.